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Important Factors to Consider Before Ordering Food Service Supplies

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As a business owner in the food service industry, you need to stock up on specific foodservice supplies. When ordering these materials, consider a few factors to ensure that the products you get all meet your needs as well as those of your customers.

Food Service Supplies


Certain foodservice products like disposable plates and bowls are far more durable than others. Some do not have the strength to hold heavy foods, or they rip or tear easily. Reliability is important when choosing foodservice supplies, as you do not want your customers to be frustrated, inconvenienced, or exposed to food spills.

The sturdier varieties, however, may be more costly, but you also would not want to increase overhead by selecting these when they are not truly needed. Consider the kind of food that you serve, and perhaps, conduct a study on which types would be the most cost efficient for you, without causing any inconvenience to your customers.

Exposure to Heat and Moisture

Likewise, you should consider if the disposable plates, bowls, and other items will be exposed to heat and moisture. Generally, paper plates are not ideal for use with wet foods. Styrofoam and plastic may not be suitable for extremely hot foods, and they may not hold up well in a microwave if your customers need to heat food.

The Environmental Factor

Another thing to think about is the environmental impact of your materials. You may need to purchase hundreds of these units at a time, so your selection could have a major impact on the environment. Furthermore, some consumers seek out restaurants or food services that have adopted green habits. You may consider using materials like paper and some types of plastic that can easily be recycled.

The products you purchase will have a major impact on your business, your customers, and the environment—all of which can affect your business image. Take the time, therefore, to thoroughly explore your available options.

The same concerns hold true for your office supplies. This makes finding a dependable supplier important. You would want to work with a company that offers everything you may need to save you time in terms of sourcing and purchasing. Trusted sources like Dutch Hollow Supplies in St. Louis, IL offer you a one-stop shop not only for all your foodservice supply needs, but also your office supplies and other essentials for your food business.


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