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Office Supplies and Other Items Childcare Providers Must Have On-Hand

Office Supplies and Other Items Childcare Providers Must Have On-HandChildcare facilities that have the right office and foodservice supplies have safer, happier children in their care. Companies such as Dutch Hollow Supplies provide office supplies and many other things that the staff needs.

Why Dinnerware Matters

A growing number of childcare centers provide breakfast. Since most children will also be at their daycare centers during lunch, it is essential for staff to be able to serve everyone quickly. Disposable dinnerware not only eliminates the problems associated with sanitation according to health standards but also requires less clean-up. Count on providers of foodservice supplies in St. Louis, such as Dutch Hollow Supplies, to offer many useful options.

First Aid Kits Save Lives

Basic first aid skills and CPR are essential for everyone who takes care of children. In an emergency, everyone will save a lot of difficulty for the children involved if the kit has all the necessary supplies. These kits should always be stocked with essentials to treat minor cuts and bruises, as well as first-aid supplies that may prove useful in a more severe emergency situation.

Cleaning Supplies Keep Everyone Healthier

One of the challenges that childcare providers face is keeping their facilities as clean as possible with active children around who might make messes on a frequent basis. Colds, flu, and bacterial infections are very common in school settings, including daycares. Using safe cleaning supplies that are very effective against germs, viruses, and bacteria will play a major role in keeping kids in a daycare safe.

Keeping Track of Supplies

One of the most important parts of managing a childcare facility is keeping careful track of the supplies. All of the staff can take part in managing the food service, safety, and cleaning supply levels to keep everything in good order. Keeping checklists with current levels on the inside of supply cupboards is one way to do this.

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