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Stretch vs. Shrink Films: Which Packaging Supplies in St Louis is Best?

ParagonStretchFilmsOur customers often ask us what the difference is between stretch film and shrink film and which type is best for their needs. In this blog post, we will talk about what these packaging supplies in St. Louis have in common, their difference and their best applications.

Both shrink and stretch film are made from polyethylene resins, and they both secure products onto pallets, but their major similarities end there.

Stretch Films

These packaging supplies are made with high levels of low density polyethylene, and they expand to fit around objects. Without tearing or breaking, the film can expand up to 300%, making it a great option for protecting products that will be shipped. It is also recyclable and energy efficient to create.

Shrink Films

Shrink films are also made from low density polyethylene, but they shrink to fit around a product instead of expanding. When the product is heated, it can shrink itself to fit snugly around any shape. This type of film is ideal for large objects, including machinery and industrial equipment.

The Best Packaging Supplies in St. Louis

Our expert staff can recommend the most effective packaging supplies in St. Louis for your needs and help you choose between the two products. To learn more about shrink and stretch films, contact us today!