Introducing the UNX Healthcare Program

In healthcare facilities, nothing is more important than creating a sanitary, safe and clean environment for patients, visitors, staff and residents. That’s why we are proud to partner with UNX to bring you the highest quality cleaning chemicals, disinfectants and enzyme detergents for nursing homes, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. These formulas don’t just clean and disinfect; they neutralize pathogens and other emerging threats prevalent in the healthcare industry.

The UNX Healthcare Program

UNX’s customized laundry programs feature state-of-the-art dispensing equipment and a full line of housekeeping products with worry-free, quality dilution stations. You’ll find a complete line of ware wash products for your foodservice department, specially formulated and concentrated chemicals for the best stain removal possible, and natural disinfectants to control the hazards of cross-infection.

What People are Saying About UNX

“In converted our laundry program to UNX this past year and have been impressed with quality, cost and productivity. Our linen has been white and bright. I have realized significant savings in our laundry program and am particularly please that I am able to monitor the amount of chemical being released to my washers to launder our product. Cycle times have been positive allowing for greater productivity from staff and machines. I can recommend the UNX program without any reservations.” – Frederick Brown, Myrtle Beach SC

“I have saved 25% in my linen cost during 2018. My laundry has never been cleaner and the service from UNX has been excellent. I would highly recommend UNX.” – Irene Batten, Myrtle Beach SC

“UNX has made a very positive impact on our linen program. Our rehash percentage has been 2.3” and I’d estimate our ragout to be between 2% and 3%. We have reduced our linen expenses by 36% and I credit both our new laundry equipment efficiency and the UNX chemical program for that. I can’t say enough good things about our experience with UNX.” – Jeannie Perry, Orange Beach AL

Interested in learning more about how UNX can improve your linen program? Contact us today to start the conversation and schedule your free demo!

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