December 12, 2016
Janitorial Supplies St Louis from Dutch Hollow Supplies
Choosing the company that offers quality janitorial supplies in St Louis is crucial for the overall functionality of your commercial facility. High-grade cleaning tools and chemical products are key to keeping your bathroom clean. Although there are many cleaners and cleaning tools available in St. Louis, it is important to choose the right industrial strength...
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Office Supplies in St Louis for Restaurants
If you own a catering business in St. Louis, you know the importance of having an abundance of kitchen supplies. They’re integral to your business model, but you may not have considered that in addition to foodservice supplies in St. Louis, you’ll need office supplies, too. Why Purchase Office Supplies? In order to run a...
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Packaging supplies St Louis from Dutch Hollow Supplies
Has this ever happened to you? A customer excitedly orders something online and patiently awaits its arrival, only for him to find that the item was damaged during shipping. Maybe it got soaked somewhere along the way, or perhaps the box it came in was squished in the mail. Either way, the customer can’t use...
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