May 12, 2017
Cleaning supplies St Louis for carpets
There are a number of urban legends that have been passed down through the years on how to get rid of carpet stains, but most of them are…just legends. Thankfully, our team of cleaning experts is chiming in to teach you myth vs. fact when it comes to beating stains and making your carpets look...
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St Louis Janitorial supplies
Every company wants to increase the productivity of its employees to improve profit. To achieve this, a lot of companies send their employees to trainings or hold group discussions to stimulate creativity. Sometimes, however, the solution doesn’t have to be a training but a less conspicuous one–a clean work environment. This is an important part...
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St Louis Safety Supplies from Dutch Hollow Supplies
Safety first has been a motto used in the manufacturing industry for a long time. This is because a workplace injury, or worse, fatalities can destroy lives. The fact is that many of these injuries can be prevented by using equipment readily found at safety supplies companies. The term Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) encompasses a...
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