3 Awesome Tips to Help Your Office Save Money on Janitorial Supplies

Affordable Janitorial Supplies in St Louis

Nobody wants to do business in a sloppy-looking office. Not only does it turn clients off, but it also demotivates your workers. To keep your workplace clean, you need to allocate an ample budget for cleaning equipment and supplies.

Unfortunately, the accumulated monthly costs for cleaning are not cheap. You might even find that your overhead cost is significantly affected by the cost of janitorial supplies. If that’s the case, follow these tips to help reduce the amount you spend on cleaning supplies.

Use an all-purpose cleaner instead

Just try looking at your cleaning supplies inventory. Notice something yet? Companies usually use different cleaning products depending on the surface. Instead of buying cleaning solutions specifically formulated for one surface, it’s much more cost effective to buy an all-purpose cleaner. It can still get the job done without having to spend extra dollars.

Also, try to use generic cleaning solutions rather than branded ones you usually see in stores. The chemical make-up between the generic and branded janitorial supplies is usually the same so you can get the almost the same cleaning power at fraction of the cost of branded ones.

If you are using it too frequently, then get it in bulk

Just like when you are purchasing packaging supplies, it’s always cheaper to buy in bulk. Since cleaning supplies usually last for a couple of years, it would make sense to buy wholesale than having to buy supplies every month. Just make sure to look at your inventory and analyze which items make sense to buy in bulk (particularly those that you use on a daily, if not weekly basis).

Get automated

Instead of sweeping the floor with a broom, why not invest on a vacuum cleaner? Instead of the old mop-and-bucket routine, why not purchase a floor scrubber? There is a wide range of cleaning equipment in the market that are guaranteed to make your lives easier. Getting the necessary cleaning equipment will dramatically reduce your labor and cleaning supplies costs.

You don’t have to start mixing your own cleaning solutions just to bring down your operational costs. By following these tips, you are sure to get some savings without compromising your office’s overall cleanliness.

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