4 Ways to Keep Your Facility Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

Everyone dreads the arrival of cold and flu season, but business owners tend to dread it the most. Just one sick team member can disrupt the whole workflow of your facility, spreading germs throughout. Soon, it seems like everyone is sick, reducing productivity. 

When it comes to surviving flu season, prevention is key. Here are four ways you can prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria in your facility and create a healthier work environment for your team. 

  1. Promote Flu Shots 

It’s never too late to get a flu shot, but they do take about two weeks to offer protection. Talk to your team about this important preventative measure and encourage them to get their shots. If they need an extra nudge, consider hanging a poster in the break room or blasting out an email reminder. 

  1. Encourage Sick Employees to Stay Home 

Remind your employees that if they are feeling sick, it is better to use their sick days and recover at home rather than spread germs to customers and other employees. If working from home makes sense for your business, consider offering that benefit during flu season. 

  1. Clean, Clean and Clean Some More 

Keeping your office clean is one of the best ways to prevent germs from spreading. Make hand sanitizers available in areas like break rooms, restrooms and the cafeteria. Provide your team with an ample supply of disinfecting wipes and ask them to wipe down their workspaces at least once every day. 

  1. Install Hands-Free Dispensers

Hands-free soap dispensers and hand sanitizer dispensers increase hand hygiene compliance and reduce the spread of infection and disease. 

To learn more about keeping your office healthy this flu season or to schedule a free demo of our hands-free dispensers, contact the team at Dutch Hollow Supplies today!