5 Places Germs are Hiding in Your Office

office germs

The average office worker’s hands come in contact with an astounding 10 million germs a day, and although the pandemic has heightened disinfection, it’s easy to miss these spots where bacteria and viruses can hide. Review these places and add them to your cleaning and disinfection list to reduce germs in your facility.

Photocopiers and Printers

Think about all the hands that touch the buttons and drawers on these and other devices. Give them a quick wipe-down with antibacterial wipes throughout the day. Place a canister close by so users can wipe down when they are finished.

Coffee Makers

If your officemates love coffee, your pot can come into contact with many hands throughout the day. Wipe it down as you disinfect the rest of the break room.

The Refrigerator

If there’s a fridge in your break room, wipe it down daily to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. Place a convenient tub of wipes nearby to empower your employees to keep the space healthier.

Water Coolers

Like coffee pots, water coolers can be touched many times a day. These units are often not located inside break rooms so can be overlooked. Make sure yours are wiped down at least once a day.

Conference Rooms

Your cleaning team probably hits the big items, like the tabletops, in conference rooms, but what about all the other shared surfaces? Wipe down shared keyboards, phones, equipment, chairs and the remote for presentations. These can all be hot spots for germs.

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