5 Ways to Increase Organization in Your Custodial Closet

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During the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve all been monitoring our restrooms, common areas and high-traffic spaces more diligently than ever before. One area that may be neglected though, is your custodial closet. Taking a closer look at what’s happening in your closet can help you maintain a cleaner, healthier facility.

Follow these five organizational tips to stop the chaos in your closet:

Take Inventory

Knowing exactly what is in your custodial closet is half the battle. Keep a thorough inventory of all the chemicals, equipment and supplies stored inside so your cleaning team knows what is available and what tools or chemicals need restocking.

Utilize Wall Space

Small closets can benefit fro correct shelving. Use wall-mount holders and racks to keep your supplies organized and visible while improving air circulation. Store chemicals and tools by usage and type, and keep the supplies you use most often in easy-to-reach places.

Make Safety Data Sheets Accessible

Keep your SDS organized with a written hazard communication policy. Outline how your team uses SDS and include OSHA protocols. Keep all of these materials in an easy-to-access binder.

Encourage Proper Ventilation

Check your vents frequently to ensure they are operating properly and clean. Remove dust that can block your air and heating systems.

Train Your Staff

Talk to your staff about keeping your custodial closets organized. Ask what can make this task easier — they may request caddies or carts if space is tight. Remind them to wipe down carts after use with disinfectant or wipes.

Following these steps can encourage your team to create a safer, healthier environment. It all begins with a well-organized janitorial closet!

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