Collaborate with a Janitorial Supplies Company to Better Your Business

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Every company wants to increase the productivity of its employees to improve profit. To achieve this, a lot of companies send their employees to trainings or hold group discussions to stimulate creativity. Sometimes, however, the solution doesn’t have to be a training but a less conspicuous one–a clean work environment.

This is an important part of work life that is often overlooked. Hearing this may make you raise an eyebrow but once you know just how helpful this tip is, there is no doubt you would want to invest in high-quality janitorial supplies instead of a third party training program.

Clean Equals Healthy

Did you know that sick employees cost $225.8 billion in a year and a 39% decrease in sales? The amazing thing is that simple cleanliness can prevent a majority of employees from getting sick. This can begin with teaching them how to wash their hands, providing antibacterial soaps, and teaching them to maintain a clean work desk. Keyboards, especially, is a host to many harmful bacteria that can cause many illnesses such as stomach flu and various other infections. A study even says that it can be five times dirtier than a toilet seat. Various types of matting not only help keep out dirt but also protect your employees from slips and falls.

Protect Company Assets

Aside from the employees, there are many other expensive materials that can be considered company assets. A great but simple example would be the floors, carpets, and windows. Replacement costs could be ridiculously expensive. That is why you need to invest in good cleaning products that are safe and healthy to use to maintain these assets so it takes longer for them to require repair or replacement.

Increase Your Bottom Line

It’s not just employees that come in contact with your office but also your clients. You may be meeting with clients in the company’s conference room, or you may be running a business that sees plenty of customers on a day to day basis. Either way, the number one deciding factor for most customers to choose or striking a deal with a business is their cleanliness. Value, speed, convenience, and variety come later. It’s becoming more and more clear why you should keep your office or business clean, isn’t it?

Another tip to save money and lessen your company’s expenses is to invest in superior janitorial supplies. Buy your supplies from a trusted supplier for safe and healthy cleaning products.

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