Easier, Safer, Better Cleaning with Impact Products

Impact’s name is more than just a tagline. With every product, they strive to make a positive impact. That’s why we are proud to carry their entire product offering here at Dutch Hollow Supplies. 

Easier, Safer, Better

What kind of products does Impact Products manufacture to make your life and work easier, safer and better? They like to say “if it doesn’t pour out of a jug or get used with a plug, chances are, we make it!” 

In short, Impact provides all the cleaning tools you need to get the job done right. That includes dusting supplies, dispensers, floor care tools, gloves, microfiber products, receptacles, safety gear, washroom supplies and more. 

From urinal screens to floor cones and janitor’s carts to squeegees, you’ll find it all under the Impact umbrella. 

Microfiber from Impact Products 

Microfiber has revolutionized the way we clean. This innovative textile is prized for its high absorption properties and ability to clean without chemicals. It’s an eco-friendly, effective and economic alternative to other cleaning supplies, and we know it will be one of your most trusted tools in the battle against dirt, bacteria and grime. 

Impact’s microfiber products include wet mops, cloths, mitts and more. 

Receptacles and Material Handling from Impact Products 

Impact’s incredible breadth of receptacles and material handling products includes tough utility and janitor’s carts, wastebaskets, ashtrays, door stops, grabbers, tool holders and more. 

Cleaning Supplies from Impact Products 

Impact provides the tools you need for any cleaning task, from dusting and disinfecting to washing windows and making your floors shine. We love their sponges, including scouring pads, cellulose scrubbers, compressed sponges and the aptly-named “Amazing Sponge,” which eliminates stains and marks using just water. 

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