Essential COVID-19 Cleaning Supplies Available Now!

COVID Cleaning Supplies in St Louis

As coronavirus cases continue to rise around the country, we cannot stress enough the importance of wearing masks, social distancing, practicing good hand hygiene and continuing to clean as if lives depend on it. With flu season arriving in conjunction with the pandemic, contract cleaners and facility managers need products and expertise they can rely on now more than ever.

Our online catalog is open 24/7 for convenient shopping anytime, from anywhere, and our experts are available to give you recommendations for the best cleaning products in St Louis. Our inventory is stocked with everything you need to continue making your space healthier, cleaner and safer.

Disinfectants Effective Against Coronavirus and Flu

3XRenegade Daily Disinfectant from Triple S is an EPA registered, hospital grade daily disinfectant cleaner with fresh lemon fragrance that cleans, disinfects and deodorizes in one labor-saving step. As an EPA List N Disinfectant, it is one of the first disinfectants with an official SARS-CoV-2 virus claim.

With the official SARS-CoV-2 claim, you now have an even higher level of confidence knowing you are providing a cleaner, healthier, and safer environment for your students, staff, customers, residents, and visitors.

Skin Care Solutions that Lower the Risk of Spread

SSS FoamClean Assure Antibacterial Skin Cleanser is a new and improved formula is now made without triclosan. The active ingredient is benzalkonium chloride, and we love the rich golden color and spring citrus fragrance. Enhanced with aloe and vitamin E, this formula keeps our hands clean and soft, which is especially important now that we are washing them even more times a day than usual to keep coronavirus germs at bay! Shop now in our online catalog.

When soap and water aren’t available, hand sanitizer is the next best option. SSS FoamClean Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% of most common germs instantly, no water necessary! Simply apply a dollop to one palm and rub your hands together until dry. The active ingredient in this hand sanitizer is Benzethonium Chloride, not alcohol, which kills germs without drying hands. Added aloe and vitamin E also help make your hands stay soft through repeated use! Click here to place your order!

Stop Germs at the Door with StepWell Mats

This all-in-one solution for safely sanitizing shoes features a 2’x3’ well the holds an abrasive insert and your favorite liquid sanitizer followed by a 3’x5’ carpeted section to help remove excess moisture from shoes.

The insert serves as a slash guard and helps dislodge any dirt or debris from the bottom of shoes so the disinfectant solution can reach the entire sole surface. We highly recommend using a quaternary and hydrogen peroxide sanitizing solution for best results. Learn more or place your order here!


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