Foodservice Supplies and Other Tools in Your Restaurant’s Inventory

St Louis Foodservice Supplies

Starting a restaurant or bar business is definitely no joke. Aside from requiring adequate capital, you will also need to get the necessary permits and pass several government inspections before you can officially open your doors to the public. Furthermore, you need to build an ample stock of various supplies and install proper kitchen equipment to fully cater your customer’s needs.

Apart from the food service supplies, you would also need to buy in bulk the following supplies to save some money and lower your overhead costs for the first six months.

Office Supplies

Starting a business in the food industry does not mean you’ll spend 100% of your time in the dining room and kitchen. If you are a sole proprietor, chances are you’ll spend your days locked inside your office trying to balance the books and manage inventories. For that, you will need to stock up on your office supplies, particularly forms and recordkeeping materials. You will also need get some binders and storage cabinets to help organize your files.

Janitorial Supplies and Cleaning Chemicals

Nobody wants to dine in an unkempt establishment. You need to invest in janitorial supplies and cleaning equipment to keep your customers, employees, and health inspectors happy. Customers are guaranteed to come in droves if you can give high quality service and great tasting food in a clean environment.

Paper Supplies

Aside from cleaning supplies, you also need to keep enough stock of paper towels, bathroom tissues, and toilet seat covers for your customer’s use. As a customer, there’s nothing more irritating than needing to go to a bar’s restroom only to find that there’s no toilet paper left.

Hygiene Supplies

To ensure that your food servers adhere to strict rules on hygiene, you need to provide liquid soaps and hand sanitizers on dispensers, which are placed in strategic areas so that they will always remember to wash their hands. You can also put some in the restrooms so that customers can freely use some whenever needed.

It will be best if you can find a wholesale trader that carries all these supplies in one store. That way, there’s a stronger possibility that you can bring down the costs than if you were to source supplies from different stores.

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