Foodservice Supplies in St Louis and the Carryout Craze

Foodservice Supplies in St Louis

Consumer habits are always shifting, and convenience and delivery trends are having a significant effect on the way people enjoy meals. More and more Americans are opting to eat at home instead of dining out, and the number is increasing. Today, 86% of consumers dine off-premises at least once a month, and carryout foods generate a staggering $124 billion in sales a year.

If you are in the foodservice business, keeping up with these changing consumer demands is essential to growing your business. The industry is evolving to meet the demands of consumers who are increasingly accessing nearly anything they want through Google and Amazon. Offering carryout and delivery services is one of the best ways to stay competitive and relevant in this marketplace.

Take a look at these trends to better understand why food service delivery is rising:

Catering to Millennials

Millennials are the top audience for carryout and delivery services. They spend a larger chunk of their budgets on prepared foods compared to others, and they are most likely to order food delivery and dine in quick-service restaurants. In fact, they order takeout in 3 out of 5 times they visit restaurants.

Earning their loyalty and satisfaction means more than just offering takeout — they also want effortless ordering, one-step checkouts and instant delivery.

Digital Ordering

More than 60% of Americans will pull the plug on a digital takeout order if they experience technical difficulties, like a website not functioning properly or an inability to customize an order.

Foodservice Supplies in St Louis for Takeout and Delivery

We provide a full menu of foodservice supplies that will help you stand out from the competition and keep your customers coming back for more. From carryout containers and cutlery to foil, film, wraps and more, we have everything you need to help your business thrive in the age of carryout and delivery.

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