Janitorial Supplies and Matting: Keeping Establishments Clean and Safe

St. Louis is a bustling city with many retail and corporate companies catering to the demands of its residents. Businesses that are keeping cleaner facilities and providing durable floor matting can better serve the needs of regular patrons and make good first impressions on potential clients. Quality  janitorial supplies can make all the difference when companies want to ensure cleanliness and safety in the workplace.

Janitorial Supplies

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A clean building is vital to ensure employee well-being and provide a clean environment for everyone. A successful business can start with the basic tasks like maintaining sanitary restrooms, clean floors, spotless windows, and counters. Whether a company is looking to impress a client or customers, it’s crucial that the environment be disinfected and kept smelling fresh.

Disinfectants foil the spread of illnesses that are brought on by germs and filth. For instance, although germs spread rapidly, especially during the flu season, sterilizing workstations and other surfaces with high-quality disinfectants can halt these germs from spreading even further.

Meanwhile, regularly cleaned windows can offer easy viewing of products on display. Whether the facility is used for food preparation, functions as an office, or used as retail space, it’s important to portray cleanliness as customers feel inclined to return only if they feel clean, safe, and comfortable within the premises.


According to the National Safety Council, an estimated 25,000 accidents transpire every day due to slips and falls. Second only to automobile accidents, these incidents are easily preventable with the use of clean and tough floor matting products.

Clean, dry floors prevent sliding. Having durable floor matting in St. Louis can ensure that a workplace or shopping center offers a clean, non-hazardous experience. Keeping the floor free of dirt, debris, and spills can go a long way in eliminating slips and falls. With that in mind, a strong, dirt-grabbing floor mat is essential.

As a first line of defense, floor mats prevent contaminants from finding their way across the floor, particularly in areas that see a lot of foot traffic. Preserving the flooring with matting keeps the facility sanitary and safer for visitors and employees.

From interior matting that’s used for low-traffic areas to entrance way floor matting that can prevent outside contaminants from spreading throughout the facility, these matting supplies and products will help lengthen the lifespan of the flooring and ensure a healthier atmosphere.

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