Janitorial Supplies in St. Louis to Keep Your Entryways Clean All Season

Janitorial Supplies in St Louis for Winter from Dutch Hollow Supplies

The temperatures are dropping and winter weather will be here to stay before we know it. The season poses new challenges for facility managers: snow and ice removal, from both inside and outside their facilities. Follow these tips and stock up on the right janitorial supplies in St Louis to keep your entryways and floors safe and clean for everyone who enters your facility.

1. Clean with the Right Janitorial Supplies in St Louis

Ask our team about the best janitorial supplies in St Louis for your floor types. We are happy to recommend cleaners that will remove built-up inorganic and organic matter, and we can also recommend the best brooms and mops for daily maintenance. Taking care of debris on your floors every day is the key to avoiding dullness and safety hazards. High-traffic areas may need attention more than once each day.

2. Protect

After a deep cleaning, apply wax to protect your floors and invest in matting in St Louis. Floor matting is the best defense against slip-and-fall accidents, and it also protects your floors from damages caused by salt, ice and debris. Up to 99% of contaminants can be caught by covering the first 12 feet of an entryway with matting. Keep them dry and clean by vacuuming daily.

3. Maintain

Maintaining the floors of your entryway will reduce the need for expensive replacements. Regularly schedule deep cleanings of both the floors and the matting. While a broom and mop may be good for everyday cleaning, you’ll want to invest in a floor scrubber or rent a unit for these periodic deep cleanings. These machines can remove more than just surface build-up and debris and deliver a deep cleaning that will enhance your floors and protect them throughout the season.

To learn more about these and other supplies (including packaging supplies in St Louis), contact our team today!

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