Maintaining a Clean, Healthy Break Room

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When people spend time indoors together in close proximity, it is easy for germs to spread. Workplaces are no exception, and 44% of workers in the United States had the flu last year. Just under half believe that they caught the virus from a co-worker. That’s not surprising, considering most employees take less than 3 days off to recover from the flu and are back to work just as the virus is most contagious.

Germs can spread in any part of an office, but the break room can be a hot spot. Think about how people use the area — they come in and out throughout the day, touching common surfaces like tables and countertops and use common objects like doorknobs and faucets. They are often munching on snacks or lunch, putting their hands close to their mouths. Just one cough during the lunch break can infect several employees at once in a space like that, and although the risk is heightened during flu season, germs can be spread year-round.

The good news is that maintaining a healthy break room is easy if you take a few proactive, simple steps:

Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies

Check out our online catalog to stock up on all the cleaning supplies in St Louis you need to keep your break room healthy. Provide hand sanitizer, soap, tissues and paper towels along with a disinfectant spray. Keeping these supplies readily available will make it easy for your employees to practice good hygiene and keep the space clean.

Make it a Cleaning Priority

Because break rooms are filled with employees moving in and out throughout the day, it is important to stay on top of cleaning. Check in a few times each day to wipe down the tables, toss out waste and spot clean. Once the day is over, the room should be thoroughly cleaned with a disinfectant.

Choose an Effective Disinfectant

Ask us which type of disinfectant is best for your facility — they are not all made equally. Some, for example, need more work or time to disinfect than others. We are happy to recommend the best choices for your schedule, needs and budget.

Talk to Your Staff

Finally, one of the best ways to maintain a healthy, clean break room is to simply talk to your employees. Everyone in your facility can play a role in keeping the space looking its best. Consider posting signs near the sink about hand washing or a gentle reminder on the fridge to clean it out every Friday.

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