Matting and Buffers Help Keep Your Building Clean and Safe for All

Your number one priority as a building owner is to keep your property safe and clean at all times. An unkempt and dirty facility will not only send the wrong message to clients and customers but could also lead to accidents and injuries.
In keeping your facilities clean, one of the factors to account for is the weather. For example, whenever it rains, those who enter the building could have mud on their shoes that can easily spread throughout the building. During the winter months, employees and visitors could spread slush or snow that can cause wet, slippery floors. Proper matting can help keep floors clean and everyone in the building on their feet.

Mats Remove Dirt and Other Debris Instantly

Mats with sufficiently abrasive textures can scrape the bottom of a person’s shoe or sneaker as he or she walks on it. This will eliminate most dirt, soil, or snow that may be present on footwear soles. Mats should be placed near the door or entrance to ensure that little in the way of debris gets on the floor itself.

Mats Help in Maintaining Employees’ Well-being

Anti-fatigue mats can reduce the amount of strain on workers’ lower extremities. As injuries to leg muscles may eventually impact the rest of the body, the right mats could help prevent widespread soreness that might cause hand, arm, or neck injuries. On the other hand, anti-slip mats help reduce the chances of anyone in the building falling due to a slippery floor.

Industrial Buffers Keep Floors Cleaner with Less Effort

Putting a layer of wax on a floor does more than make it look shiny to your guests. It also adds another layer of protection against dirt and grime while protecting the integrity of floor boards and other materials below the surface. Waxing also provides a smooth surface that can be easily swept or mopped if dirt or grime does accumulate quickly in a specific area of the building.

As less dirt and other debris find their way to your floors, it will take less effort to clean the floors and increase their useful life. That helps you save money while reducing the risk of injury to employees, customers, or other guests. Those in the St. Louis area should consider working with a janitorial supplies company that can also provide their matting needs, such as Dutch Hollow Supplies. Complete providers like this help make facility maintenance easier and more efficient. To learn more, contact us today!

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