Matting Matters: The Importance of Floor Matting in St Louis

Nearly every facility needs entryway matting, no matter if it is a healthcare facility, manufacturing plant, educational institution, foodservice establishment or office space. Understanding the importance of floor matting is the first step toward choosing the right system for your needs.

Floor Matting in St. Louis Stops Dirt

Floor matting’s premier job is to prevent dirt from entering your facility. A combination of mats is often necessary to achieve this goal. Scraper mats placed just inside entrances collect larger debris, and carpeted mats placed further into the space continue to capture finer debris and dirt as visitors and employees enter. These mats acts as filters because they remove dirt and debris that comes in from parking lots and streets.

Save Money with St Louis Floor Matting

Investing in a quality floor matting system saves you money in the long run. It takes approximately $700 to remove one pound of dirt from a building, but the right kind of matting will capture nearly 90% of the debris and soil from occupants’ shoes before it can do damage to your floors and dirty your facility.

The benefits of floor matting extend beyond the doors of your building, which is why a proper system is essential to keeping your facility safe and clean. To learn more about our affordable, high quality floor matting in St. Louis and for guidance on choosing the right system for your needs, contact the team at Dutch Hollow Supplies today!

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