Microfiber Mops Reduce Cross-Contamination, Make Facilities Healthier

Microfiber Mops Reduce Cross-Contamination, Make Facilities Healthier

What is the most significant innovation in the cleaning industry in the last 100 years?

The answer may surprise you, but hear us out: It’s microfiber.

Yes, microfiber — the densely-constructed fabric made from nylon and polyester. These fibers, when woven together, form a net-like fabric featuring millions of teeny tiny spaces that trap moisture, debris and dirt. These fibers can penetrate spaces traditional mop fibers and cotton cloths can’t, and they also create a static charge that attracts dirt and traps it until the pad or cloth is washed.

The benefits of microfiber cleaning supplies cannot be overstated — it protects the environment, helps keep your workers healthier and is a long-lasting, economical choice.

Microfiber Floor Mops: Key Benefits

While using cotton loop mops has been the standard for wet mopping for decades, microfiber mops deliver unique key benefits:

Enhanced cleaning power. Because microfiber can reach into every crevice and pore of your floors, mops made from this material can clean more effectively than those made from cotton.

Reduced chemical and water usage. Procurement costs and environmental costs are reduced with microfiber mops. These mops use 10 to 20 times less water than traditional mops, and chemicals aren’t required for most applications.

Increased productivity. Your team won’t waste time or energy dripping and wringing when using microfiber mops. You also don’t need to change solution between tasks as long as you haven’t dipped a used mop head in it.

Reduced cross-contamination. This is a vital benefit, especially in healthcare facilities. Using color-coded heads and changing out the heads between rooms is easier with microfiber flat mops.

Reduced worker injury. Ergonomic and easy to use, microfiber mops are far lighter than conventional wet mops, which reduces strain on your team.

Impact’s microfiber flat wet mops are one of our favorite cleaning supplies in St Louis. The vertical polypropylene scrubbing strips are ideal for deep grout line cleaning, and they have an additional layer of microfiber for fluid retention versus a layer of foam, making them more bacteria resistant. They are easy to launder and available in four colors (red, yellow, blue and green) to reduce cross-contamination.

To learn more about how Impact’s microfiber flat wet mops and other cleaning supplies can make your facility cleaner, safer and healthier, contact our team today.

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