Office Furniture in St Louis Keeps Employees Safe

Office Furniture in St Louis Keeps Employees Safe

The coronavirus pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of our lives. Our living rooms have been transformed into classrooms and virtual offices, arenas sit empty and grocery stores are limiting the numbers of masked shoppers inside. Millions of Americans have discovered the joys and challenges of suddenly working from home this spring, and many of them are preparing to return to the office in the coming weeks and months. The spaces they return to may be drastically different from those they left.

As businesses begin to reopen, social distancing rules will lead to changes in office configurations. Once shared spaces may be divided, cubicles may make a comeback and the open-office concept may be on the way out.

Most modern offices were designed to foster face-to-face interactions. Those same interactions can now spread the coronavirus, and companies are looking at new ways to enforce social distancing.

The answer to protecting employees and clients may lie in office furniture and the ways it is configured.

Using Office Furniture to Keep Your Team Safe

Current guidelines recommend rearranging seating in meeting rooms and workspaces to encourage social distancing. Workers should use disposable desk covers, and dividers should be installed between work stations whenever possible. Signage can be used to create waiting areas and remind your team to wash their hands. Group stations with connected tables will need to be separated, with each employee using a single desk. Your break room should only be in use if you have enough tables and chairs to ensure social distancing, and you may consider investing in certain equipment and supplies for employees to replace what was once shared, like headsets.

The blueprint for maintaining safety will vary, of course, from facility to facility, but we are happy to discuss your needs and connect you with the office furniture and supplies you need to keep your employees and clients safe and healthy. Contact our team to learn more, and browse our inventory of office furniture in St Louis in our online catalog!

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