Office Supplies in St. Louis: 4 Easy Office Supply Hacks to Try Out

St Louis office supplies from Dutch Hollow Supplies

Office supplies can have plenty of other uses aside from their intended purposes. With a few smart applications of office tools, you can improve the functionality of your workspace dramatically. Take a look at these office supply hacks to discover unexpected ways to use objects that you probably have readily available in your St. Louis office.

Binder clips as desk cord holders

The binder clip works great for holding the ends of cords at the edge of the table so they don’t clutter your desk. Simply attach a binder clip onto the side of your desk, insert one end of the cord through its handles, and voila, you have your cord holder. Just tug at the end whenever you need it.

Toilet paper rolls as cord organizers

If you have a lot of cords that you don’t use and want to store, empty toilet paper rolls can be handy in organizing your mess. Roll up a cord, insert it in the empty roll, and place the roll in a box or desk drawer for storage. Do this for every piece of cord you don’t use on a daily basis. You can use this technique on other small items on your desk as well, provided they fit into a roll.

Spring from an old pen as a cord stabilizer

If you have a dried-out or unusable pen, pull out the spring before throwing it away. You can then ‘surgically’ insert a cord into the spring to protect the former from excessive bending.

Tape makes re-labeling possible

Throwing folders away instead of reusing them because they already have labels is very wasteful. Try using masking tape to cover the label and write over it. Better yet, when go labelling next time, put a strip of clear tape onto the folder tab and write your label on it. When time comes to repurpose the folder, simply remove the tape, replace it with a new strip, and write your new label. This technique has many other different applications, so always have a roll of clear tape in stock.

Quality office supplies in St. Louis

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