Office Supplies in St. Louis: 4 Easy Tips to Prevent Copier Paper Jams

In a busy office, a photocopier that frequently jams is one of the biggest frustrations for many employees. Even if you have upgraded to top-of-the-line equipment, you may still struggle with paper jams from time to time. To keep your copier from choking at critical moments in your operation, you might want to consider these tips:

Keep all paper packages sealed

You don’t need to jam an entire ream of copier paper when refilling the paper tray. Put just enough to last the day. Since you’re only going to use a portion of the paper bundle, make it a point to reseal the package. This protects the rest of the bundle from curling or sticking together, which stems from humidity.

Use the correct paper settings

Most modern copiers are able to automatically detect paper sizes. If your copier lacks have this feature, however, be sure to enter the right paper type in the copier’s settings every time. The wrong paper size setting could trigger a false sensor reading, signaling a paper jam even when there is none.

Load paper properly

It may surprise you to find out how often poorly loaded paper can cause jamming faults. When loading paper into the tray, therefore, do so gently. Likewise, see to it that the tray guides are touching the paper on all sides to avoid skewing.

Use the correct type of paper

Printing paper comes in different types for different purposes, so purchase the right kind of paper from dealers of office supplies in St. Louis for the copier you’re using. If you insert inkjet printer paper into a laser printer, you risk more than an annoying paper jam as you could end up damaging the photocopier’s inner components. Make sure to read your copier’s manual and use exactly the type of paper the manufacturer recommends.

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