Office Supplies in St. Louis: Cost-Saving Tips to Consider

When it comes to managing your company expenses, every little thing counts. After all, “small expenses” can add up to be huge sources of losses for your company. Take your office supplies, for instance. Although not part of your capital expenditures, these items form a significant part of your overhead and should, therefore, be managed efficiently.

Say, for example, your office has several correspondences, projects, and other tasks that need paper, adhesives, staples, and other everyday office items. You find yourself frequently running out of these things and subsequently needing to replenish your stocks. If you don’t manage these resources well, they could soon become an expensive chunk of your operations budget.

Smart purchasing decisions, proper organization and well-regulated use are crucial to managing your office supplies in St. Louis. Here are some cost-saving measures to consider:

Adopt a simple organization system.

Make sure it’s easy for you and your employees to know where everything is and to find what they need for their daily tasks.

Be meticulous in doing your inventory.

Create a schedule for noting down all your existing supplies, and use a checklist for each audit. Take note of the items that frequently or quickly deplete, so you can restock on those more often or work out a way to reduce their fast turnover.

Consider centralizing your supplies.

Store your office supplies in a central and secure location, and allow only authorized persons to access that area to dispense supplies by bulk. Again, don’t forget to organize the storage and take inventory of everything every once in a while.

Develop guidelines for employees.

Instruct your employees on the responsible use of office supplies and the procurement process. In case of an urgent meeting or emergencies that require the use of materials or some items in the first aid kit, make sure employees keep track of what they use and inform you accordingly.

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