Office Supplies: Tips for a More Organized Workspace

Office Supplies

Clean desks and an organized workspace go a long way toward maximizing productivity in any office. If you’re having productivity problems in your office, it may be time to look at your organizational patterns. Incorporate these tips into your office to stay organized and boost productivity.

Purging the desktop

For many employees, having a clutter-free desktop improves their productivity. Take time to declutter your office, storage spaces, breakrooms and other areas to increase efficiency.

Organizing with the proper office supplies

Make sure you have all the office supplies in St Louis you need in stock, and keep an accurate inventory so you know when a refill is needed.

Arranging work zones

You may have already separated the areas in your office according to activity or department, but how are they arranged? Do you have the departments that tend to work closely and frequently on projects near to each other, or do they have to cross multiple desks or rooms whenever they collaborate? Placing frequent collaborators in close proximity with each other can help improve communication, speed and efficiency.

Update your filing system

Reduce clutter by using electronic records whenever possible. You’ll save space by being able to get rid of filing cabinets, and your data will be easier to organize virtually.

Don’t forget about safety

An unsafe environment is a huge hindrance to productivity. Always have your first aid and health supplies fully-stocked in case of injury or illness.

To discover more ways to organize your office and boost productivity, browse our online catalog or contact us today.

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