Packaging Supplies in St. Louis: All About Stretch Film

Quality stretch film from a trusted dealer of packaging supplies in St. Louis plays an important role in the delivery and transport of many consumer products. Take a look at some of the most common applications of this versatile material.

Canned sodas

Thanks to stretch film, bundles of canned sodas can be stacked on top of each other and held securely in place. To speed up the process, that many soda producers utilize high-speed machines that wrap tower upon tower of canned sodas in this popular packaging product.


Firewood producers use stretch film all the time to pack their products. The material is highly resistant to tearing, which makes it an ideal packaging material even for products with abrasive surfaces such as firewood.

Feeds and seeds

Feed and seed pallets can range from relatively heavy to extremely heavy, which is why suppliers need a very durable and versatile packaging material. Guess what most suppliers wrap their products in? That’s right: stretch film. Its proven ability to protect even the heaviest products while in transit is what makes stretch film a popular packaging material in the feed and seed industry.


Carpets are another product efficiently packaged and protected by stretch film. Manufacturers have the choice to wrap their carpets by hand or by machine to keep them from snagging or unraveling during delivery.

Picture frames

The right combination of stretch film and cardboard corner protectors can provide reliable protection for delicate picture frames, effectively shielding them from scratches and other types of damage during transportation and storage.

Palletized boxes

Hands down, this is the most common and easily identifiable use of stretch film. Many manufacturing facilities and warehouses all over the world palletize and wrap boxes of different weights and sizes using stretch film.

Do you have a business that delivers products to customers? Are you having trouble keeping shipments safe and secure during delivery and storage? Sheets of stretch film could be the packaging solution you’re looking for. A trusted dealer of packaging and janitorial supplies in St. Louis, such as Dutch Hollow Supplies, can advise you on the best options for your packaging needs.

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