Paragon Nexus Machine Film Delivers Unmatched Performance

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When it comes to stretch films, nothing tops Paragon. They simply produce some of the thinnest high-performance and specialty films available today, delivering exceptional quality, load containment and unmatched overall performance.

Third-party testing organizations have ranked the attributes of Paragon films against five competitors: ultimate stretch percentage, ultimate force containment, force at 200% stretch, unwind force and tear resistance.

Paragon ranked first in every instance.

Paragon Nexus Machine Films

If you’re in the packaging industry, you’re already familiar with Nexus. And for good reason — it’s Paragon’s flagship machine film thanks to its puncture resistance, stability, clarity and holding force. It truly delivers the next level in performance.

Nexus Machine Film Features

  • Reduced cost per unit — save up to 30% of your load cost!
  • Incomparable holding force
  • Incredible puncture resistance
  • Exceptional load containment and stability
  • One-sided cling eliminates tails and recoil
  • High clarity
  • Puncture and tear resistance
  • Excellent force to load means lowest cost per pallet
  • Fewer roll changes promotes sustainability

Paragon focuses on higher performance and reduction of the pounds needed to wrap a pallet. This means substantial cost savings for you without sacrificing load containment. Costs are significantly decreased, and so are damaged freight claims.

Their down gauging methodology also enables Paragon to produce improved thinner gauge products while ensuring their high performance attributes. Over the last few years, Paragon has removed millions of pounds of plastic from the marketplace while helping customers with more sustainable and efficient film usage.

To learn more about Paragon’s Nexus machine film or our other packaging supplies in St Louis, contact Dutch Hollow Supplies today to schedule your free demo!

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