Plastic Free July: Reducing Plastic Use in Your Facility

Plastic Free July is a global movement encouraging millions of people to reduce their plastic usage and waste to create cleaner streets, oceans and communities. Follow these three tips to reduce plastic waste at your facility, no matter your industry.

Choose Cleaning Supplies Wisely

Our inventory of cleaning supplies in St. Louis includes many options for limiting your overall plastic use. Take an honest inventory of your cleaning supply closet and look for ways to cut down on both products and plastic. Consider using multi-purpose cleaners whenever possible, purchase bigger containers that can be portioned into smaller bottles and stick to one product per specialty task (like only having one type of glass cleaner instead of many options).

One of our favorite all-purpose cleaners is SSS #26X Summit Navigator. Summit is a hydrogen peroxide, heavy duty cleaner and is formulated to meet strict environmentally-preferable requirements without sacrificing performance. Summit is a preferable alternative to conventional Butyl or other water based solvent cleaners and degreasers. It quickly removes petroleum based soils such as grease, grime and oil deposits in factories and warehouses. It is also extremely effective against protein type soils found in food processing plants and institutional kitchens. It can be used in a conventional mop and bucket operation, automatic scrubber or pressure washer. Removes grease in kitchens around stoves, ovens and vent hoods. General cleaning of floors, walls, ceramic tile, glazed porcelain, stainless steel, terrazzo, granite, concrete and enameled metal. Click here to order online!

Choose Recyclable Packaging

Many types of plastic that are used in packaging aren’t recyclable in most facilities. Often, non-recyclable chemicals are incorporated into plastic packaging, so consider only buying products from companies with transparent, trustworthy claims about the recyclability of their product packaging.

Encourage Recycling

One of the best ways to encourage sustainability in the workplace is to start a recycling program.

Our inventory of recycling receptacles includes everything you need to get started – from small office wastebaskets to large units that make it easy to sort through trash and recycling. Encourage your team to begin recycling by placing receptacles in high-traffic areas, making clear signage about what can go in the bins and touching base with your local hauler to determine what can be recycled. Keep track of your garbage and recycling outputs to gauge success and encourage your team to keep going!

Making these small changes can make a big difference when it comes to reducing plastic waste.

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