Pro Tips for Maintaining Your Floor Machines

Floor Machine Maintenance Tips

If you’re a facility manager or building service contractor, we know you’re always on the hunt for ways to save money. One of the best ways to reduce your expenses is to properly maintain your cleaning equipment and do your own light repairs when needed. Fortunately, floor machines are more durable and reliable than ever before, but even the best-made models will still need attention over time. Follow these tips to postpone visits to the repair shop and save money by maintaining your equipment.

Floor Machine Maintenance Tips


With the right care, a floor machine can deliver many, many years of solid service. Most have a lifespan of about 10 to 15 years, but you may need to give your machine a bit of attention during that time.

One of the biggest concerns facility managers experience with floor machines have to do with the squeegees. When you use your machine, the squeegees gather and get rid of moisture and debris like soil, hair and lint. This solid matter can tear or rip the squeegees. When this happens, you’ll notice the performance of your machine waning and see lines or streaks on your floors.

You can avoid this issue by checking your squeegees often and replacing them when needed. Many of today’s floor machines are designed to be service-friendly for operators, so this is a repair you can generally do yourself.

Cylinders and pads can also be magnets for debris on floor machines, depending on your model. To minimize future issues, simply remove the debris when you see it.

Always keep your floor machine well-lubricated to keep it running smoothly. Schedule regular lubrication and oil applications to the joints of your machine. Check your user manual for tips on how to do this yourself.

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