Professional Development Education from Dutch Hollow Supplies

Here at Dutch Hollow Supplies, we believe that continuing education is one of the keys to innovating in the cleaning industry and developing best practices. Visit our Education portal by clicking here to enroll in these exciting opportunities through the Academy of Cleaning Excellence.

Motivational Programs

What are the nine personality traits of a standout staff member? The Rock Star Custodian spills the secrets in this program. Choose from a series of five different sessions designed specifically for supervisory and frontline staff members of custodial operations.

Online Campus

Choose from more than 30 online courses ranging from basics for the frontline staff member to the seasoned professional. Whether you’re an in-house service or a building service contractor, there is a program for you!


Live Hands-On Classes

Get hands-on demonstrations of best practices by the Academy of Cleaning Excellence right here at Dutch Hollow. You’ll work with an ISSA-Accredited Certification Trainer from ACE and receive a professional development certificate.

Learn more and enroll today by clicking here!

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