Revamp Your Gym Floors with SSS NewAge Products

Gym Floor Cleaning in St Louis

Gym floors looking a little shabby? Make them look their best again with these NewAge products from Triple S!

SSS NewAge Double Overtime Low Odor Sports Floor Finish is our top finish for appearance and durability. This premium two-component waterborne wood floor finish is specifically formulated for professional use on maple sport floors, providing a tough, high build-up urethane finish.

SSS NewAge OMU Poly 350/55 Sport Floor Finish is a premium quality, high solids oil-modified polyurethane developed specifically for the wood sport floor market. This finish is low in VOC and provides an extraordinarily tough, high build gloss finish with excellent chemical resistance, protecting against routine cleaning and perspiration.

SSS NewAge Replay Maintenance Cleaner is a waterborne, environmentally-responsible cleaner specifically formulated for use in the prep of existing wood sport floors and is also ideal for periodic maintenance to clean all polyurethane finished wood floors without leaving residue. This maintenance cleaner is a concentrate, so please dilute with water according to the instructions.

SSS NewAge Recoat Conditioner and Prep Cleaner is a specially formulated re-coat adhesion system for all types of polyurethane finished hardwood floors, including factory pre-finished floors. This product prepares and conditions existing finish to optimize adhesion of the new coat of finish.

Want to know more about these and other Triple S products that can revamp your gym floors? Contact our team today!


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