Safe Working Environment: 3 Janitorial Supplies Your Office Needs Now

St Louis janitorial supplies that keep your office safe

As an employer, you are obligated to create a safe working environment for yourself and all your employees. Fortunately, there are many governing bodies, such as OSHA, that help employers and their employees develop habits and processes that keep them safe.

Of course, there are other seemingly “minor” steps you can take that have a significant impact on the health and safety of everyone in your St. Louis office. The next time you need to make a run for janitorial supplies, try prioritizing the following items:

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Many trusted janitorial supply vendors, such as Dutch Hollow Supplies, offer a wide variety of hand sanitizers and dispensers. When purchasing a few dispensers for the office, make sure you place them in highly visible areas.

Aside from in bathrooms, you may want to put some near the pantry entrance and reception area, among other places. Additionally, make sure that the actual sanitizer you use is alcohol-based with at least 60 percent alcohol content to maximize the benefits.

Green Cleaning Solutions

If your office is largely dependent on a large central air conditioning system, there’s a good chance that your office isn’t aired out very often. This can pose a problem when using conventional cleaning solutions as the dangerous fumes they emit may linger inside your office and affect your employees.

Make the switch to green cleaning solutions to protect your cleaning staff, other employees, and the environment. These cleaning solutions are made from all-natural products, eliminating the risk of harmful chemical fumes.

Anti-Slip Matting

Bathrooms and pantries with a sink can pose potential slip and fall accidents that may injure your employees. Keep them safe by adding anti-slip matting in areas that pose a high risk for slip and fall accidents.

In the event that your line of work requires you to work with large amount of water or areas that are regularly wet, you may want to look for flow-through matting. These special mats allow water to flow through them, keeping walking surfaces dry.

These are only a few options available to you. If you are interested in other supplies and materials that may help you create a safer and healthier working environment for your employees, do not hesitate to ask your vendor for their recommendations. 

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