Safeguard Safety and Profits by Investing in Quality Floor Matting

Floor matting St Louis from Dutch Hollow Supplies

No matter what type of facility, building, or business you manage, floor matting is a vital part of keeping your place clean and safe for everyone. Floor matting defends your workplace against debris, soil, and contaminants. In addition, they also protect everyone who comes through that place—whether employees, visitors, or customers—by reducing risks for slips and falls.

Investing in high-quality floor matting is a smart move for anyone looking to increase their profits, reduce accidents, and create a welcoming and safe space.

Protect Your Profits with Floor Matting

The National Safety Council estimates that around 25,000 slip and fall accidents occur daily. In fact, this type of accident is second only to road accidents when it comes to frequency. If one happens in your facility, you might be liable for paying compensation and other costs straight out of your profits.

Floor matting will help prevent this by ensuring that everyone has a clean and safe floor to walk on. In addition, floor matting saves you more money by preventing dirt buildup. Did you know that you have to spend almost $700 just to remove one pound of dirt from your facility?

If you’ve got a lot of daily foot traffic, that expense will inflate further. Fortunately, laying down the right matting type will capture a huge amount of soil and debris to prevent dirtying up your workplace and damaging your floors.

Choosing the Right Matting

There are several types of floor matting available to you, and it can be tricky to figure out which one you need for your facility. For instance, entrance matting systems are installed in entryways so that dirt, grit, and moisture are removed before they are tracked in.

There’s also flow-through matting that’s a must if you work in areas that are frequently wet such as showers and sink areas.  In addition, tough slip-resistant matting delivers high levels of slip resistance. You may even get logo matting to complement your branding and marketing efforts while they keep your floors clean and safe.

Many facilities and buildings require some combination of matting to achieve their goals and maximize benefits. Make sure to work with an experienced and reliable janitorial supplies distributor in St. Louis to guide you through the selection process.

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