Safety First: The Basic Safety Supplies Every Factory in St Louis Need

St Louis Safety Supplies from Dutch Hollow Supplies

Safety first has been a motto used in the manufacturing industry for a long time. This is because a workplace injury, or worse, fatalities can destroy lives. The fact is that many of these injuries can be prevented by using equipment readily found at safety supplies companies.

The term Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) encompasses a variety of equipment designed to protect employees against specific work hazards. PPE reduces potential exposure to chemical, mechanical, physical, electrical, and radiological hazard in the workplace. Read below to learn what items are considered as personal protective equipment and their benefits.

Hard Hats

Hard hats protect the most important part of our body: the head. It is designed to protect the head from falling objects, debris, shock, and collision impact. Even when there is no visible danger around, workers are still required to wear a hard hat. The CDC recorded that head injuries were a part of 49% fatal injuries in the United States.

Safety Glasses

Eye protection should be used to avoid any flying objects or chemical splashes that could damage your eyesight or even cause blindness. It can also protect the eyes from common irritants such as dust and wind particles. Safety glasses are different from prescription glasses. They are wider and made of special impact-resistant glass, and therefore offer better protection for your eyes. To put things into perspective, eye injuries alone cost more than $300 million in lost production time annually.

Safety Gloves

The hand is the most commonly injured part of the body so it makes sense to protect it. Gloves come in a variety of materials, depending on what kind of exposure you want to minimize. Leather gloves are the material of choice for welding because it protects against sparks and heat, as well as cuts and abrasions. Plastic or synthetic gloves are great for cleaning and any type of work that uses oils, solvents, or other chemicals. Be careful though as there are work situations where the use of gloves are not recommended, such as around rotating equipment.

Protective Mask

Also known as a respirator, protective mask can protect workers from inhaling dangerous chemical substances or infectious particles. OSHA calls protective masks as one of the most important PPE to use in hazardous working environment. Different types of protective mask will offer different levels of protection. There are two main types: air-purifying respirators and atmosphere-supplying respirators. Air-purifying respirators use filters to remove air contaminants, such as the regular face masks and gas masks. Atmosphere-supplying respirators will provide air from an uncontaminated source, such as an oxygen tank.

Another really important factor in workplace safety is the durability of the personal protective equipment. Companies should purchase their safety and office supplies from trusted sellers in St Louis area. 

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