Safety Supplies in St Louis
Workplace safety is a prime concern for all business owners and facility managers. Dutch Hollow Supplies provides high-quality, dependable safety supplies in St. Louis that you can trust to keep your customers, employees and facility safe. Whether you need effective absorbents,first aid and health supplies, reliable hand protection or other safety supplies in St. Louis, we’ve got you covered.
Need to contain, absorb or dispose of loose fluids? We stock a variety of absorbents, and these important tools help you control drips and leaks while ensuring the responsible operation of your workplace. Choose from a wide selection of absorbents designed to handle cutting fluids, cleaning fluids, coolants, lubricants, petroleum-based products and more.
Every workplace should have a well-stocked and organized first aid kit. Our inventory of safety supplies in St. Louis includes everything you need, such as cold packs, eye wash solutions, bandages, first aid cotton, antiseptic wipes and more. We also provide other health-related supplies, including wheelchairs, medicines, stethoscopes, eye wash stations, drug testing kits, crutches and defibrillators.
No matter the job, we have a pair of gloves made for it! Our stock of safety supplies in St. Louis includes many different kinds of gloves, including cotton and canvas gloves, disposable options, heavy-duty designs, tough leather gloves and more.

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As a business owner or facility manager, nothing is more important than providing your employees with a safe and healthy workplace. We are proud to offer a wide selection of safety supplies in St. Louis to help you prevent injuries, illness and accidents on site and enhancethe well-being of your customers and staff. To learn more about our safety supplies, contact us today.

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