SSS Alliance Disinfection System: Faster Application, Reduced Chemical Use

Triple S Alliance Disinfection System

he SSS Alliance Disinfection System combines electrostatic sprayer technology with exceptional disinfectants, resulting in a system that allows for better, faster application of high-performance disinfectants and fast kill claims against common bacteria. Ideal for schools, offices, healthcare facilities and gyms, this system can effectively combat the high number of flu and illness outbreaks we’ve seen this year.

Understanding Electrostatic Spraying

Transfer efficiency is one of the greatest challenges faced by janitorial staff. If the chemical you’re using doesn’t fully cover an area, that surface cannot be appropriately disinfected.

Electrostatic spraying provides exceptional coverage by using electricity to charge the cleaning solution. As they are sprayed, the charged droplets repel one another and are electrically drawn to areas not already covered with cleaning solution. This creates a “wrapping” effect around the surface, ensuring coverage and making disinfection faster and more efficient than ever before.

Faster Application, Reduced Chemical Use

The SSS Alliance Disinfection System from Dutch Hollow Supplies is the perfect tool for applying cleaning chemicals, sanitizers, disinfectants and even odor eliminators and pesticides. We recommend using these cleaning supplies in St Louis for classrooms, cruise ships, gyms, offices, hospitals, daycare centers and more. The natural attraction created by the electrostatic sprayer between surfaces and the spray mist delivers more uniform coverage, resulting in 70% faster application and a reduction in chemical usage by 65% when compared to a traditional sprayer. To learn more about how you can get the job done faster using less chemicals, contact us today!

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