St. Louis Office Supplies: 5 Things You Need to Organize Your Office

Office supplies St Louis from Dutch Hollow Supplies

What started out as a sole backyard venture has grown into an actual business for you, and now you need to have an actual office to grow your business even further. Congratulations on your booming venture! While you’re thinking of where to set up your base of operations in the St. Louis area, it’s also time to think about the office supplies you’re going to need to run your business as smoothly as possible. Here are five indispensable office supplies that you’re going to utilize for sure.


Keeping your documents in order is essential. Be sure to have folders so you don’t lose important paperwork. Buy folders in different colors so you can categorize them. Be sure to have stapler and binder clips handy.


Instead of labeling your folders directly, it’s best to use sticker labels when filing them. This allows you to replace the label in case you need to reuse the folder for another purpose down the line. If you replace labels frequently, erasable labels may better suit your needs. These cost more than sticker labels, but they can be a cost saver over time since you won’t need to keep replacing labels.

Filing cabinets

You’ll need a way to store and file away your folders, and for that you’re going to need filing cabinets. These come in different materials, such as metal, wood, plastic, etc. Choose the material that works best for your needs. For instance, if you need your documents to be secure, go with metal. If you want to keep your filing cabinets light and mobile, choose plastic. Wood filing cabinets are good for achieving traditional elegance.


Your office personnel are going to need something to write and print on, so always have notepads, sticky notes, and legal paper on hand. If you use printers, make sure to stock up on ink and toner so you don’t run out in the most inopportune moments.

Pens and pencils

Paper won’t be any good if you don’t have the tools to write on it. Keep both pen and pencil stocks replenished regularly.

When it comes to the supplies for your office, quality is always a primary concern. Don’t purchase substandard office supplies, because the productivity of your business venture could be severely affected. For quality office as well as foodservice supplies in the St. Louis area, locals put their trust in established providers like Dutch Hollow Supplies.

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