Stocking Up on Office Supplies and Other Tips for Office Productivity

St Louis office supplies from Dutch Hollow Supplies

Having to do the same tasks day in and day out tend to be tediously and boring. As such, there comes a point in every employee’s stay with a company when their performance dips and just simply stop being as productive.

If you’re an employer stressing out over the less than ideal performance of your staff, you may want to rethink your strategy to light the fire of productivity in them once more.

Promote Healthy Breaks

Sometimes, unproductivity is not necessarily because of laziness or lack of action items. Because of this, it’s advisable to give your staff regular breaks. You see, there is such a thing as micro-burnouts, which can easily balloon into one huge burnout later on.

With company-promoted healthy breaks, staff are allowed to relax even for just a bit. Those working in the creatives can use the break to reset get a fresh perspective on their ideas. Those dealing with documents can give it a more efficient review with fresher eyes, and those who are doing physical labor can regain their energy by taking quick snacks. Stock up on foodservice supplies from St. Louis and give your employees a much needed pick-me-up.

Have Feasible Deadlines

When people are overworked, that’s the time they start becoming sloppy or careless with their tasks. Most of the time, they are overworked because of highly unrealistic deadlines.

The stress that they would have to undergo just to meet your requirement will not give them enough time to double-check or review their work. This will lead to more errors which ultimately affects the company’s efficiency as a whole.

Stock Up on Office Supplies

This may seem like this has nothing to do with office productivity, but actually it does. See, having a full stock of office supplies in St. Louis companies can have a significant impact on how efficient the staff are. Not having the items they need could put a damper on their workflow, so to speak.  For instance, something as simple as having to wait for the printer ink to be refilled could easily cause a loss in their momentum.

These are little things in the overall scheme of things, yes, but remember that it’s the minute details that help keep your staff working as efficiently as possible. It does not have to be that big of a problem as there are many reliable suppliers like Dutch Hollow Supplies to help you restock the supply room or the pantry. 

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