Supplier Spotlight: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

For Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, the mountains are a special place. That’s where their commitment to improving lands through sustainably-sourced coffee was born, and since then, they’ve been driven to bring the world a richer, better cup of coffee.

Remaining close to nature has made Green Mountain Coffee Roasters the company they are today. Their commitment to being good stewards of the land and supporting the farmers who produce their coffee is unparalleled.

For example, their Sumatran seedling program was born in response to aging coffee beans that were producing fewer and fewer beans, leading to reduce production and income for local farmers. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters teamed up with a supplier to provide high-quality seedlings for 2,156 farmers. The program helps to make sure new trees are strong and healthy enough to produce good quality coffee for a very long time.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Clean Drinking Water

Through the Blue Harvest program, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters helped train more than 2,500 farmers in Central America in water-smart agricultural practices. They also worked to restore water systems and watersheds to provide cleaner, safer water to 100,000 people downstream.

Funding for World Coffee Research

Climate change will decrease the suitability of coffee-growing areas by half in the next 30 years. That’s why Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has invested in World Coffee Research, an industry coalition that develops and test varietals that can produce higher yields for farmers while withstanding the effects of climate change.

Partnering with Root Capital

80% of the world’s coffee beans are produced by small-scale farmers. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has invested in them with USAID, Root Capital and others, providing support for long-term loans, advisory services, financial trading and more for over 340,000 farmers.

Today, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters produces over 30 flavorful varieties made from beans from around the world. Many are available in our online catalog, and each dark, medium and light cup is expertly sourced and crafted with care. Discover what a smoother tasting cup can feel like by placing your order today!

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