The Best Tips and Cleaning Supplies in St Louis for Commercial Kitchens

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In restaurants, hospitals, hotels, corporate offices and schools around the country, commercial kitchens get a workout each and every day. These spaces may be responsible for feeding hundreds of people daily, and that volume of activity is tough on floors, countertops, vents, appliances and other features. Grease and dirt can accumulate quickly, and if not regularly cleaned, can cause illness, accidents and even fires.

The Best Tips and Cleaning Supplies in St Louis for Commercial Kitchens

Proper care of these areas is vital to protect employee and client safety while compiling with local and state regulations related to fire prevention and cleanliness. Follow these tips from the experts here at Dutch Hollow Supplies to properly clean your commercial kitchen:

Vents and Hoods

Significantly reduce the risk of fire danger by removing grease and cleaning these areas daily. Built-up grease is a serious hazard that can cause serious damages.


Of all the areas in commercial kitchens, floors probably suffer the most. Foot traffic spreads dirt and food particles while grinding them into surfaces, and adding spills and grease into the mix only increases the danger level. In addition to frequently sweeping and mopping, use a professional-grade pressure washer to quickly and effectively get rid of grime, grease and dirt.


Many kitchen managers overlook their walls, but these spaces hold a tremendous amount of airborne grime and grease. Use a gentle cleaner to remove debris and food particles to create a more positive visual impression in your kitchen and reduce odors.


The piping and venting in most commercial kitchens are housed in the ceilings. Any exposed elements should be cleaned regularly to eliminate grease and dust, and ceiling tiles themselves should be cleaned to remove debris and create a more pleasing appearance.

Storage Areas

Equipment, food and supplies are stores in numerous nooks and crannies in commercial kitchens, and these spaces can also hold and attract dirt and grease. Strip the areas down and wipe them with disinfectant cleaner at least once a quarter to keep them clean.

Coolers, Appliances and Freezers

Regular cleanings of these areas can safeguard the quality of stored foods, reduce odors in the ditch and keep appliances running longer and more effectively. Our team is happy to recommend the best cleaning supplies in St. Louis for the job. Contact us today to learn more about keeping your kitchen safe.

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