The Cleaning Challenges of Reopening Schools

School Cleaning Supplies in St Louis

In a typical year, over 7 million teachers, administrators and staff and 55 million students would be prepping to go back to school this month. But we all know that 2020 has been anything but typical, and the coronavirus has made the school year uncertain for all of America’s students and educators.

Across the country, school districts are considering the best ways to reopen schools, and even whether to reopen them at all. Discerning the appropriate response to the virus requires navigating advice and info from the CDC, state health organizations, state and federal governments and local and state departments of education.

No matter which choice school districts make, there are significant costs, and balancing safety and education is delicate.

The Challenge of Preparing Schools to Reopen

All cleaning managers know there are few facilities harder to keep clean than schools, where kids sit and talk, laugh, eat and interact in close proximity to each other. Kids also touch everything, making the job of cleaning and disinfecting even harder.

Reassessing the Cleaning Process for Schools

Despite the challenges, many schools are preparing to reopen this month or next, and they are reassessing their cleaning protocols to maintain reasonable levels of safety in classrooms, hallways, gyms and cafeterias. Many are adopting an approach that includes both frequent disinfecting and contact cleaning.

Schools across the country sent students home and shut their doors in March, and many are preparing to conduct thorough deep cleanings and sanitization of all surfaces for the first time since then. This is a proactive step to reassure teachers and parents that the environment is ready for students. Rigorous daily cleaning will be conducted to prevent reinfection.

EPA-registered disinfectants and electrostatic sprayers will be important components of any school reopening plan. Cleaning must first be conducted to remove grime and dirt, then all touchable surfaces should be sanitized and frequently disinfected to kill bacteria and deactivate the virus.

We also recommend talking to your cleaning crew about best cleaning practices for daily spot cleaning. High-touch surfaces should be disinfected frequently, and we highly recommend using microfiber cloths and mops to remove dust particles and prevent spreading germs.

You can find all the cleaning supplies in St Louis you need to prep your school for reopening in our online catalog. If you have any questions about the best supplies for your needs, please contact us today!

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