The Importance of Investing in Janitorial Supplies for Your Company

St Louis janitorial supplies for businesses

When it comes to promoting productivity at work, the ambiance and atmosphere has got a lot to do with it. Experienced company owners and managers know all too well that these can drastically affect how efficient and alert the staff would be on a daily basis.

Beyond the productivity, there have also been studies pointing to the correlation between the way a workplace is set up and the overall health of the staff. For example, the way the layout of the office can help prevent the rise of obesity in the office.

Prohibiting snacking at the workstations and having the pantry away from the main work floor will compel snackers to get up from their seats and walk to the pantry and vice-versa. It’s not much, but at least they are able to get up and move. In the same vein, not accommodating a smoking area within the office vicinity can force smokers to cut back on their smoking if only for the reason that going to the smoking area is going to be too much of a hassle.

On a more practical level, ensuring the cleanliness of the office space does not only directly affect the staff’s health, but also their diligence at work. Thus you need to keep sufficient levels of janitorial supplies in St. Louis at all times so cleaning staff can do their jobs properly. Other things you can do include the following:

Clutter Removal

Unnecessary clutter should be removed from the general office space. Of course, it’s not advisable for the cleaning staff to just randomly throw away items from personal cubicles. However, for shared spaces like the pantry or receiving lounge, it’s best to remove clutter not only for aesthetic, but also for safety reasons.

Even the smallest clutter can cause a trip and fall accident, which can cause bigger problems for your company. Not only that, but it can also affect air quality, which, according to the OSHA can lead to as much as $15 billion in losses to employers “due to worker inefficiency and sick leave.”

Spotless Floors

Sticky and stained floors end up being representative of the kind of professionalism the company has. Even if you argue that this is not necessarily related, the clients visiting your office will think so anyway. If you can’t even maintain your office’s cleanliness, how can they trust you to keep your business affairs in order?

Even if you don’t have guests in your office, it’s still important to keep the floors clean if only for your own benefit as well those you work with.


Having an ill-kept office space can prove to be very distracting, and foul smells do not help in maintaining a professional air. A clean room smells lovely and promotes a comfortable and calming environment that helps facilitate productivity.

For these reasons, it’s obvious that investing in janitorial supplies is important for your company. You can seek the help of companies that provide office and packaging supplies in St. Louis like Dutch Hollow Supplies to keep everything in order. 

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