The Safety Supplies that Every Business Needs

Safety Supplies St Louis from Dutch Hollow Supplies

Safety in the workplace should be the number one concern of any facilities manager. Providing your employees with high quality and dependable safety equipment is going to boost their confidence and trust in you, and create a safer workplace. The type of work you do will dictate the type of safety supplies that you need, however, there are some things that all businesses should have at their disposal, just in case.


Liquid spills and loose fluids are a common problem, particularly in certain kinds of businesses such as those in the food service industry. However, they’re something many people have to deal with on occasion in their workplace. It’s no fun for anyone to put on a pair of gloves and try to clean up a spill with their hands and a sponge. By having the correct absorbents and tools, you will be ensuring that your staff can immediately clear spills safely.

Sharps Clearance Kits

While not every business deals with glassware, there is bound to be some form of glass in your building that is at risk of being broken. Broken glass is one of the most dangerous things that you could try to clean up without proper safety tools. Without using a sharps clean-up kit, you could be at risk of cutting yourself or having glass embedded in your skin. Keeping sharps clearance kits on site is the right thing to do to insure that employees don’t get in harm’s way.

First Aid Supplies

This is a must for any business. Having first aid supplies on hand is vital and could potentially help to save lives. There are numerous first aid supplies that you must have on hand such as bandages, gauze, antiseptic wipes, plasters, eye wash stations and CPR masks.

Ergonomic Support

For some, this might fall under office supplies, however it should also be considered as safety equipment as things like wrist pads and back supports keep your joints safe while you work. There is a huge problem with back pain in the workplace and anything an employer can do to reduce injuries is a good thing. Ergonomic support is especially important for those working in an office or are sitting at a desk for long periods of time.

These are just a few of the safety supplies that every business should have on hand at all times. By making these things available to your employees, you will be showing that your business cares about their well-being and safety.

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