The Ultimate Office Cleaning Checklist

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The demands of a busy business make it hard to keep an office clean. Whether you are tackling the task of tidying your office yourself, hiring a cleaning service or running your own cleaning business, getting organized and creating a schedule can help you stay on track.

We’ve broken down this office cleaning checklist into daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Keeping up with the list will help you manage problem areas and create a great impression for employees, clients and guests.

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Daily Cleaning

These daily cleaning tasks prevent messes, trash and dirt from building up so your office appears spotless at all times.

– Clear surface clutter from the office.
– Clean and disinfect where necessary.
– Empty recycling and waste bins.
– Wipe down and clean food prep areas and break rooms.
– Vacuum high traffic areas.

If your office space is particularly prone to collecting debris and dirt, take these additional steps:

– Wipe down all desks and surfaces with a damp cloth.
– Vacuum all areas.
– Mop hard floors.
– Disinfect and clean bathrooms.
– Dust and wipe computer monitors, door handles and light switches.

Weekly Cleaning

You’ll need a bit more elbow grease for these jobs, but doing them weekly will prevent messes from building up.

– Polish metallic surfaces, glass and mirrors.
– Spot-check walls and painted surfaces for cleaning needs.
– Refill restrooms with soap, towels and tissue.
– Deep clean the restrooms.
– Clean the windows if needed.
– Clean and empty communal fridges and kitchen appliances.

Monthly Cleaning

These tasks make a difference in how clean your office appears, but they generally only need to be done once a month.

– Vacuum upholstery, including furniture and window coverings.
– Dust all surfaces from top to bottom.
– Check vents for dust and vacuum as needed.
– Check carpets for spots and deep clean if needed.
– Polish hard wood floors.

Following these steps and using our janitorial supplies in St. Louis will ensure your office stays clean and welcoming every day!

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