Things to Consider when Using Packaging Supplies for Your Business

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Has this ever happened to you? A customer excitedly orders something online and patiently awaits its arrival, only for him to find that the item was damaged during shipping. Maybe it got soaked somewhere along the way, or perhaps the box it came in was squished in the mail.

Either way, the customer can’t use the item anymore, leaving him unhappy and dissatisfied. On a larger scale, the same thing can happen to stores and distributors expecting shipments from manufacturers as well.

Thankfully, businesses in St. Louis can easily avoid this sort of unpleasant scenario by making sure they use the right packaging supplies for each item. It may take a little more time at first, but it’s worth doing a little research into the different packaging materials you consider using for your enterprise.

Strength and Durability

It is important that the packaging material used is strong and durable enough to protect the item or items you are sending. An easy and cost-effective way to mail low-volume small items like books and DVDs is by using bubble mailers.

You can also use handy CD mailers which are made specifically for this type of media. There are other mailers available for medium-sized items or for products that need a little extra padding.

Larger products, however, will require a box. Standard corrugated cardboard boxes usually range in size from 4 to 48 inches, so you have a lot of options available.


Another factor to consider is that the packaging has enough cushioning material to safeguard the product from possible impact, especially if the said product is fragile. Additionally, the cushioning material also prevents the item from jostling about inside the package or container.

If your item is below 25 pounds, covering it with bubble wrap is a handy and effective way to protect it from bumps. Loose fill is another good cushioning material since it conveniently fills up the space between the product and the container, thereby ensuring that the item stays in place.

Additional Protection

For larger or more sensitive packages, stretch films are a good way to provide some form of waterproofing while preventing tampering at the same time. In addition, they conveniently keep boxes stable when they’re placed on skids.

By using the right packaging supplies for each item, businesses in St. Louis can avoid possible disasters during shipping or transport, thus ensuring that their products get to their customers safely and in one piece.

Carefully selecting the right materials for the various tasks related to your business — whether it be packaging, or even safety or janitorial supplies — will increase efficiency and ensure that the tasks that need to be done are done successfully.

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