Thinner. Stronger. Greener: How Paragon Films is Increasing Sustainability

Sustainability is at the foundation of everything Paragon Films does. They accomplish this by incorporating technology, science, continuous improvement and optimization into every step of their stretch film design process. The result? The thinnest stretch film on the market today — one that significantly reduces your overall carbon footprint and waste.

Thinner Stretch Film

Paragon’s stretch film is 20% to 40% thinner than the competition. Lower gauge reduces the volume of film needed, and less plastic means less landfill waste. These stretch films are the ideal sustainable solution for both our planet and your business.

Stronger Stretch Film

Thinner stretch film doesn’t have to mean sacrificing strength. Paragon’s films feature ultra-high-performance down gauging and a superior containment force. Stronger, thinner film means less film is needed overall, resulting in millions of pounds of film being removed from the marketplace each and every year.

Greener Stretch Film

Finally, Paragon’s proven track record of sustainability impacts is important. Their unique Client Analysis Tool highlights sustainability outcomes for films, and their Sustainability Ticker tracks data to show the difference choosing the right stretch film can make. As of the writing of this blog post, 612,368,397 pounds of total plastic volume have been removed from the environment since 1994 (and the number keeps going up!).

Paragon’s line of ultra-high-performance stretch films provide sustainability outcomes that make a real difference, including less plastic, lighter rolls, fewer roll changes, less effort, safer processes, reduce carbon footprint and more. To learn more about how you can go green with Paragon Films and Dutch Hollow Supplies, contact us today.

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