Tips & Cleaning Supplies that Save Time, Money

Facility managers and other cleaning professionals are constantly searching for ways to boost the efficiency of their programs while saving money. Achieving these goals without sacrificing results can be tough, but if you follow these tips from the experts here at Dutch Hollow Supplies, you can clean smarter while saving time and money.

Switch to Microfiber

Swapping your traditional mops and dust rags for microfiber can lead to better infection control and more effective cleaning. Microfiber rags can remove 99.9 percent of microbes from hard surfaces, and mops made from the innovative material can remove 80 percent more dirt and dust than conventional mops. Making the switch to microfiber can also save you nearly two hours of cleaning time per week!

Protect Your Floors

It costs nearly $600 to remove a single pound of soil and debris from a facility’s floors. Instead of wasting your money getting it out, prevent it from coming in by investing in a quality floor matting system. Install floor matting in high-traffic areas and at all entrances to save time on cleaning in the long run and cut down on the wear-and-tear of your floors.

Create a Schedule for Deep Cleaning

Carving out time for deep cleanings is essential to keeping your facility safe, healthy and clean, and taking the time to do larger cleaning projects will save you time, money and effort in the long run. Deep cleaning your floors, for example, can protect them and lengthen their lifespans. It can also make everyday cleaning easier and faster, saving up to 17 minutes per 500 square feet each week. If you create a schedule for deep cleaning and stick to it, you are less likely to have to replace your floors or make expensive repairs in the future.

Clean Your Cleaning Supplies

Caring for your cleaning tools and janitorial supplies increases their lifespans and makes them more effective. Dirty or damaged tools can’t do their jobs properly, and they may cause more harm than good by simply pushing debris and dirt around and causing cross contamination. Clean and dry your tools after every use, and regularly launder your mops, towels and other porous supplies to stop germs and bacteria from breeding.

To learn more about these cleaning supplies and how they can help save you money and time, contact us today!

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