Top Floor Care Tips for Foodservice Facilities

Clean floors are essential to ensuring your foodservice facility is safe and hygienic for both customers and employees. We supply St Louis foodservice supplies and janitorial supplies that will make your floors shine! Follow these tips to get the best results:

Workers should regularly tend to the floors throughout the day. Sweep periodically to rid the floors of larger particles and debris. This is the first step toward clean floors.

After debris is swept away, chemicals are needed to dissolve remaining soil, oil and grease. Depending on the amount of debris on the floor, agitation may be required. A deck or hand brush may be enough, but auto scrubbers clean faster and more effectively, putting down chemicals and clean water, agitating it and removing it in just one pass.

You may be tempted to use a conventional mop to clean your floors, but mops often spread soil around instead of removing it. If you must use a mop, remember to change the water frequently and mop heads on a regular basis. Color-code your buckets and other equipment to avoid cross-contamination with other areas of your facility. For example, use only green-coded products and tools in the kitchen, red in restrooms, and yellow in other common areas. This will prevent your staff from spreading bacteria from the bathroom into the kitchen.

Affordable, Reliable Floor Matting and Foodservice Supplies in St. Louis

Matting is another essential for keeping floors clean and safe in foodservice facilities. Choose safety mats that feature rigid webbing to let grease and food fall through so your employees stand on slip-resistant, clean surfaces. Add cleaning the mats to your daily to-do list, and scrub the with a degreaser quarterly to keep them in tip-top shape.

To learn more about keeping the floors of your foodservice facility safe and clean, contact the team at Dutch Hollow Supplies today!

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