Top Tips for Removing Carpet Stains

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There are a number of urban legends that have been passed down through the years on how to get rid of carpet stains, but most of them are…just legends. Thankfully, our team of cleaning experts is chiming in to teach you myth vs. fact when it comes to beating stains and making your carpets look like new again. Here are our top pointers on removing tough carpet stains:

Scrubbing vs. Blotting

Vigorously attacking a stain is terrible for your carpets and does more harm than good. Rubbing a stain only embeds it more deeply in the carpet fibers, and they will never return to normal.

Instead of scrubbing, blot! This methods rely on a wicking action to gently pull the stain from the carpet. Use a dry, clean towel to blot out the stain while keeping your carpet fibers intact.

Cleaning Solutions vs. Plain Water

Don’t reach for the cleaning solutions right away. Instead, try to remove the stain using just water at first. If that doesn’t work, choose a carpet cleaning solution recommended by our team for your specific stain, then rinse the carpet with plain water after applying it to neutralize any residue. Dry the area thoroughly and avoid overweening.

Shoes vs. Bare Feet

What’s the best foot covering (if any!) for protecting your carpets? White socks! Shoes track in dry soil from the outdoors and create abrasion, which wears on the carpet fibers and make them more vulnerable to staining. Bare feet also cause problems, so the best way to avoid stains is to wear clean, dry white socks.

Have more questions about removing and preventing carpet stains? Contact us today and we may cover them in a future blog post!

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